Events - A list of notable events in a Track.

Taras D shared this idea 7 years ago
Gathering feedback

I used a competitor's product for several months before switching to Locus Map. It has a feature that I found useful. Perhaps it might be considered for inclusion in a future version of Locus Map.

"Events" is a list of notable events in a track:

  • Start (time)
  • Finish (time)
  • Breaks (duration)
  • Maximum Speed (time)
  • Maximum Altitude (time)

The events are presented as a numbered list. They also appear on the track's Chart as numbered icons. Here is how it appears in the competitor's product.


I can think of two ways this information can be presented in Locus Map.

1) Chart/Events split-screen

The first idea copies the competitor's method of presenting the events. In Chart Settings, you would have the option to display the Events on a split-screen.


2) Events Tab

The second idea is a bit more sophisticated. An Events Tab shows the events in the same manner as waypoints (including the ability to display/hide an event on the map). In this scenario, an event behaves like an auto-generated waypoint.


If you tap an event, you are presented with the event's details, just like a normal waypoint.


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Very nice Idea! I would love to have this implemented in Locus! Maybe this information could optionally also be include in "track preview"?


I strongly support. And there have been earlier votes to enhance the pretty much useless "Lap" feature (fixed distance laps only). Hopefully we'll get the right attention this time !


I want to clarify the concept of an "Event Point". This is a (proposed) special kind of point that is not manually created by the user but automatically by Locus Map (based on your criteria).

For example, there are two other ideas that request the automatic creation of points based on time and distance.

Effectively, "Event Points" (listed in a separate Events tab for the recorded track; see image above) would represent points created by Locus Map based on your criteria (such as create an event point every kilometer or every 15 minutes). A configuration screen would allow you to set the criteria for creating event points (min/max elevation, breaks, max speed, time interval, distance interval, etc).


If part 1 of this idea is implemented, could be easily done as well – maybe as option to show only events or events & waypoints.

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