Show name of named points in track chart

Georg D shared this idea 5 years ago
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In the chart of a recorded track where named points were added manually, please do not only show the point icon but also it's name - not initially, but e.g. after first click nearby the point symbol - and to open their details, e.g. after second click nearby the point symbol (e.g. jump to tab desired in Why show names in the chart? Because I usually add points to a track where _something noteworthy_ happened (e.g. path conditions or weather changed massively) or on a remarkable spot like a hut/danger/... or on a relevant navigation point (e.g. change between two marked trails). Often, at these places also the chart characteristics changes, e.g. I am slower because of difficult terrain, change between up- and downhill,... so they often explain chart turning points.

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I suppose that is not a very hard work to display the name, OruxMaps had it very early.


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