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Georg D shared this idea 7 years ago
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In the chart of a recorded track where named points were added manually, please do not only show the point icon but also it's name - not initially, but e.g. after first click nearby the point symbol - and to open their details, e.g. after second click nearby the point symbol (e.g. jump to tab desired in Why show names in the chart? Because I usually add points to a track where _something noteworthy_ happened (e.g. path conditions or weather changed massively) or on a remarkable spot like a hut/danger/... or on a relevant navigation point (e.g. change between two marked trails). Often, at these places also the chart characteristics changes, e.g. I am slower because of difficult terrain, change between up- and downhill,... so they often explain chart turning points.

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I suppose that is not a very hard work to display the name, OruxMaps had it very early.



@Menion Today I stumbled again across this issue after recording a track. In Locus Pro/Classic v3.63.1 we now have the tab "waypoints" for a track, but it's not possible to jump from that list to the according waypoint in chart, same when opening details of one single waypoint, and within chart, the waypoints are displayed only as dots without name and click does nothing. Hence, it's cumbersome to idenity the meaning of a waypoint in "chart" – e.g. "snowfall started" or "show broke" or "switched from bike to hike" which explains a sudden change in speed etc.

Idea how to improve UI for a recorded track:

  1. In tab "waypoints", add "show on chart" in context menu of a waypoint
  2. In tab "waypoints", clicking one waypoint opens details of that waypoint. In context menu, add "show on chart"
  3. In tab "chart", display first 10-20 characters of waypoint name (probably vertical is better as it does not overlap that easily, and when tapping nearby the waypoint, show same popup as shown when tapping the waypoint in map (i.e. displaying full name and elevation, context menu with "Details", "Navigate to", "guide on", "compass"). BTW, Locus v4.12.1 does not display the waypoints in the chart at all – if that's not just a limitation because I do not have premium subscription (probably Gold), please re-consider displaying waypoints again.

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