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Explanation of navigation setting

Alex Müller shared this question 6 years ago

Hi again,

after reading the documentation about navigation, I am a little bit confused and I hope (actually I am pretty sure) that you can help me, please.

Let us say, I activated Route priority.

The option "Maximum allowed deviation" does an auto recalculation after x meters.

What is happening with my planned route after such a recalculation?

Is Locus trying to navigate me to nearest point of the planned route?

With best regards,


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Hello Alex

>Is Locus trying to navigate me to nearest point of the planned route?<

yes ;-)

btw: have you noticed, most manual pages are also in german available


Thank you for your answer.

I read the documents in German as well in English, but both versions did not clarify what will happen.


Hi Alex,

what don't you understand here?

Route priority - used when you deviate from the original line and want to get back to it - Locus navigates you to the original line as soon as possible and on the nearest place - the line (route) matters.


Hi Michal,

with hindsight, I also wonder why I got confused, although every option is well described.

I think it happened, because I took a cutoff and Locus did not guide me to the next point of the route, like it is described under Route priority, but to the last point I missed. I think, the reason was that I activated accidentally Strict route following and wonder why Locus does not navigate to the nearest point of my route. I think that was the reason for my question. I just needed a clarification.

Thank you for answering, guys!


Yes, that exactly happens - we recommend to avoid the "strict route following" in an ordinary activity. It's used mainly by sailors so that they don't lose original course. Good to hear all is clear now :)

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