Export of Points: separate checkboxes for attachments und formated description

sonny shared this idea 9 months ago
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I often create waypoints with or without photo/video attachments for later using them in JOSM (an Openstreetmap editor). The problem right now is: To use the exported waypoints in JOSM without the screen being overflowed with useless formated description HTML-code (see screenshot) I've to DESELECT "Incl. description & attachements" in Locus' export dialog. But then the important photo/video attachements are missing in the export.

So my idea: Please seperate the checkbox into 2 different checkboxes "Incl. attachments" and "Incl. formated description". (explanation of the later checkbox: right now even if the checkbox is DESELECTED, then the XML-field "description" is being exported - which is good! And if the checkbox is being SELECTED an additional HTML-FORMATED description with additional fields is being exported too)


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hmmm.... I too noticed creating a 'clean' gpx file inclusive attachment is not fast done nor easy.

Experimental tests: See Point 3.


Notice the CLEAN gpx file.

- Without disturbing auto attached "desc" text and the unnecessary "ext"