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Flexible "add via points" function in "route and measure" track design.

0709 shared this idea 7 years ago

Actual: by config .cfg: Choose a prefered fixed setting.

New: If no via's is prefered modus, allow to place MUST PASS VIA by a second +tap at the same location. A single first +tap adds a "soft via" -> next +tap at same position a change to "hard VIA" -> a next -tap at same position back to "soft via". Save and keep the hard = MUST PASS VIAS only in finalised trackdesign.

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I am not absolutely sure that a simple second tap would be best because it happens quite often that it is interpreted as very short drag of the point.

Maybe a long tap and in addition to the already available options "Edit" & "Delete" a new option "Promote as Via" would be best.

Anyway, I would really appreciate such option. I missed it already quite often to distinguish between points used just to manipulate the route and real must pass via points.


New track creation:

- Quick Double +Set (-Set) tapping results in normal undelayed fast track creation.

- Best no extra delays by long taps nor new extra menus to select such simple action !

I think this should cause no operational problem because:

- Inaccurate points position placement by user is corrected by magnetic "snap to road" action.

- There is no map dragging by "on panel" double tap +set to "Via" (Down arrow) or by tap - set to "Non Via".

- Minimum new point separation is > 10m or prevents 'accidental' point creation by small position shift.

- Only when positioned in 10m dia point "area" status to "Via" or back to "Non Via" is changeble by +set or -set.

Existing track:

- In existing edit on map function a "promote to Via" could be added by:

- In function "Convert to navigation waypoint": -> Select Icon: Add "Via" (Down arrow).


How to add a "Must Pass Via" by +set tap. See demo video:

Demo by Locus Beta. "Quick Add point" = by tap on map.

+set = promote to "via". - set = promote to "non via"

Use cases:

Promote to Via Point by +SET tap.

Example: User standard set up is "no via points". By config.cfg: "dev_enable_add_new_route_via_points=0"

After point is set (on road) by the autorouter: Map Screen = auto centering around this point.

Tap +SET: "Pop up" display: "Distance between points is too short". Here should be placed: "MUST PASS VIA".

Promote to Non Via by -SET tap.

Example: User standard set up is "add via points". By config.cfg: "dev_enable_add_new_route_via_points=1"


A better expression ? A "Non Via" Point could also be named: A "Shaping Point".

Only in use to build (steer) a track design and removed when saving the final resulting track design.


First tap + SET: Add Shape Point.

Second tap +SET at same position: Promotes to "Via Priority Point" Preset name: Via Point.

Third tap +SET at same position: Promotes to "Info Priority Point" by offering free name edit and description.

By tap -SET: To a lower order setting until complete point removal. Also easy clearing of Information in Info Point.

Info Priority Point what is it good for ?


Good day Willy,

a lot of topics marked by tag navigation. Seems I'll have to do some "month of navigation" during winter and solve/implement some of most wanted tasks :). I'm reading all posts, but in these cases, I cannot say some opinion for now, thanks for understanding.


Hmm ... well ... implemented :). You will see in next version, but tap to toggle between "use as via-point" and "point only for creating route, but do not use as via-point", seems to be best solution. Thanks Willy!


Thank you. And curious how that "toggle" function will perform in real action. If I read correct will not implement the 3e option, to create Info_Point by free: name, description, Icon. Loong tap ?


By Long Tap. ?

Add Info_Points: (local language)<name><desc> and (English)<sym>.

- ADD the INTERNAL Locus listed, standard waypoints, to be used as "Priortiy_Points" with the same functionality in Navigation as the Locus "Via_Point"

In the zip attachment:

+ Garmin_symbols.gpx

+ Locus_Internal_Icons.gpx

+ Demo_navtrack_Info_Points.gpx

Navtrack with some Priority_Points. Using Icons from the Locus internal symbol list.

+ Demo_navwpt_navtrkpt_priopt.gpx.

Same as above but has all navigation info also integrated direct into the trackpoints.

By gpx:

Has a lot more Icons (and attributes) available, than by tcx standard limited to 16 <PointTypes>.

Click Priority_Points Ex: (72) for more info details. And by Virtual position similate a Navigation drive.

Garmin very discrete "Waypoint" symbol used to replace the known Locus Via_Point 'Down Arrow" Icon. Alternative Via_Point only to be used for 'autorecalculate' function, by discrete Icon, or TTS announced by <name>, or not, by empty <name>.


Sorry Menion, did not see your comment from 4 hours ago.

Thanks for listening to your users.


Just upgraded and have this issue as well. Had to make an account just to vote on this. Please fix


Hello Sonny,

it´s implemented, we have to wait on next update of Locus


Correct me if I'm wrong - it seems a new point is a via point, then at any time before saving the new track I can tap the point icon to toggle between via/ shaping status, and the color will also toggle between green and blue? My immediate experience - is via icon green or blue, is shaping icon blue or green - frustration. Of course, maybe I'll learn, but appears once track is saved it is not possible to edit track and toggle existing points between via/ shaping - new topic? Also, maybe use different icon for a via point instead of simple circle icon? Also, and off topic I know but highly relevant, editing of existing tracks could be so much better if points could be moved - proper rubber banding with track recalculation. Once a new track is saved, if any big changes are required it is faster just to delete and start again.

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