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Former feature for manually adding Voice guidance points was better!

Nikolaus Ringe shared this problem 6 years ago


I finally found out how to manually add voice guidance points.

Unfortunately my workflow when creating a route and then later checking the voice guidance points and eventually adding/deleting new ones got worse.

I would therefore kindly ask the developers to rethink their changes in this regard.

In my opinion the option to create voice guidance points manually should be found straight under 'modify track' and not under 'route planner'...

Please check out the process yourself!

Create a route and then try to check if the voice guidance points are satisfactory - one by one. If one is missing try to add one.

You would first have to switch from 'modify track' to 'route planner'.

Saving then isn't as comfortable as in the past too! Right now I have to save the track completely new whereas before I was able to just save the changes...

From my point of usage it didn't really get better ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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Good day Nikolaus,

thank you for a feedback on these new features.

During developing, we have decided to strictly device purpose of these two new features/screens.

- track editor purpose is to edit tracks recorded directly in application ( or in some cases imported as well ) and fix problems usually caused by GPS system or user mistake (forget to stop recording e.g.).

- route planner on second side, serve to creating/planning new routes for later use.

Because for this, there is o space for adding of navigation points directly in track editor.

To your use-case: You wrote "Create a route and then try to check if the voice guidance points are satisfactory - one by one. If one is missing try to add one." ... this all should be done in route planner, so why should I want to involve track editor here?

About saving changes: this was improved in today published version 3.27.0.

Write me some additional information I mist to get complete picture of your usage. Thank you.


Thanks for your quick reply!

With today's update it already looks quite different ๐Ÿ˜‚ Great job btw!

In the past I was able to sort of 'scroll' through an existing track (point after point with the arrow buttons in the track editor) to check if all voice guidance point are correct.

This option is all that's left from what I was missing!

When using the route planner for this purpose I always have to zoom in and out to check if the track has enough voice guidance points at e.g. a crossroad . Scrolling with the arrow buttons was much more comfortable!

Therefore I think there should also be an option to add voice guidance points from within the track editor!

After having created a new route I always want to make sure the voice guidance is really perfect.

Only one missing or misleading voice guiding point can give me big trouble once on the road... The default guidance that comes with the automatic feature is often imperfect or just doesn't fit my needs.

I would appreciate a system that would let me comfortably put my created route under a last check.

Gruss, Nikolaus Ringe

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More +/- similar recent topics found in help desk.

A free suggestion in the attached demo.gif file. Usefull ?

Fast add-edit Nav # Info(Via) # Waypoints example (by trackeditor)

Browse track by Wider/Larger so improved < > Buttons pse !

In map top Bar: "Active " pushable (re)edit button(s): Show attached info.

-By Short tap <name> # <desc> # <sym> Buttons: By keyboard, direct (fast) text (re)edit.

-By Long tap <sym> Button: Icon selector popup: Choose: Garmin # Locus # Navigation Icon.

Demo example (by V3.26): At trkpt 8: To add a Navigation Point "Straight". (By text edit)

In map display track : Notice already excisting Navigation Point "Right" (By trkpt 49) located at the same position.


Good day Nikolaus, as @0709 correctly mentioned, there already exists topics, mainly this one: , focused on missing feature. I believe that we may close this topic, because major problems with usability are probably solved and option to step between points is more feature request then some bug.

I have in mind one task that wants to implement till end of year, that will probably solve also this problem, so "stay tuned".

Thanks for understanding and thanks Willy (0709) for tips & links.


Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Gruss, Nikolaus Ringe

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