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Fully automatic track and waypoint import with locus-actions

joeloc shared this idea 6 years ago

I want to import a huge amount of data into Locus automatically... around 50 track folders and 50 waypoint folders. I thought locus-actions could do this job and I already got as far as downloading. But then


only opens up the user interface import dialog and waits for input. Not really that useful for automation with hundreds of items.

Is there any way to do something like


// do not call the user interface but instead simply import into a given folder automatically, creating/emptying if requested

I assumed this to somehow work already, because otherwise locus-actions are a bit pointless for automated data import. Cannot find anything in the docs though.



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Good day joeloc,

I was thinking about your question during a weekend. What you wants achieve is currently not possible. "Locus-actions" system purpose is mainly simplified access to data, but not a complete automatization. Also, your idea seems to me like a very very risky operation. I can quite simply imagine accidental tap on button that execute your action and? Database full of something, I really do not want.

Anyway what you looking for is close to this existing old, not yet implemented idea:

It is very specific task and I do not know how to help here more easily, sorry.

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