GC: edit waypoint doesn't refresh waypoint list

Auric Goldfinger shared this problem 5 years ago

There's a refresh problem in the waypoints tab of a geocache. While the waypoint seems to be saved in the background, the waypoint list doesn't reflect the change. Worse, if you open the non-refreshed waypoint, you'll see and work with the old data.

To reproduce

  1. import a geocache (doesn't matter how) and open it
  2. Goto the waypoints tabI. If there's no waypoint, add one first.
  3. Open a waypoint, edit description and coordinates, save it
  4. Tap the back arrow to go back to the waypoint list
  5. The changes aren't visible
  6. Open the waypoint again. You'll see that the old values are back in place
  7. Change the values again, save the waypoint
  8. Tap the back arrow
  9. Back in the list, changes are still not visible
  10. Now hit the back arrow again to go back to the geocaches list or the map, depending on how you opened the geocache.
  11. Open the geocache again and go to the waypoint list
  12. you'll see that the new values are saved and displayed correctly

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Good day Auric,

thank you for the very detailed description of the problem. It will be most probably related to the similar issue already reported here https://help.locusmap.eu/agent/object/14735 . I'm aware of these issues, but they are not currently easily solvable. Needs a bigger change in point screen system. Unfortunately, I have currently a few tasks with higher priority, but once any changes will be implemented, I'll let you know here. Thanks for understanding.


I found that issue before I logged mine, but concluded that it was a different as the waypoints don't get duplicated.

I understand that if it's difficult to fix, it gets a lower priority. Scrum principle 😉

There's a work-around so I understand. Keep up the good work!

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