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GC4L live map, caches with corrected coords disappear on higher ZL

balloni55 shared this problem 6 years ago

if i had corrected the listing coords of a geocache with PC at, these geocaches disappear on higher ZL using GC4L live map.

Multi, sec 8 + 15 ZL16>ZL17 disappear, down left Multi (not corrected) is furtermore visible

Letterbox, sec 28 + 33 ZL15>ZL16 disappear, sec 40+ Letterbox (not corrected) is visible over all ZL´s

EDIT: corrected Mysterys disappear on zoom ZL19>ZL20

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Good day balloni,

I think it will be same problem as I dicussed some time ago in different topic, but I never get final answer from Arcao.

I'm worried that geocaching4Locus is able to only get caches, which original coordinates are visible on the map. And after these caches is downloaded from server, Geocaching4Locus obtain final corrected coordinates. So if in your case, original location of cache is out of screen on some zoom, it won't be visible.

@Arcao may you confirm it?


Hello menion

thanks for your answer

your guess hit the point,

if location of original cache location is out of map view, corrected cache icon disappear ....

puh it shouldn´t


Yep, it shouldn't. Unfortunately it is just another of many long time known and reported problems of groundspeak API ... :/


Hi guys,

sorry for later answer. Unfortunately I have to confirm what @Menion wrote. G4L search Live map geocaches by original coordinates (inside the map bounding box). There is no way to search them by corrected/computed coordinates. So it can happen that corrected/computed coordinates are inside map bounding box, original outside and opposite way. This can cause unexpectedly hiding / showing POI on the map if Locus Map use corrected/computed coordinates instead of original one.

This is unfortunately feature, not a bug. :(


Unfortunately expected.

Thanks for confirmation Arcao!

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