Geocaching: Share link (without any additional info)

Lars shared this idea 19 days ago
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When sharing a geocache (Share -> Share > Basic cache details) a lot of additional information about the cache is included: "Name | | Coordinates | Modified coordinates"

But the "normal" usecase for me is to just share the link. Could this please be added as an option or a config option, which information to share?

PS: The link should be changed to httpS as well

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Good day Lars,

what is your use case, why you need this functionality? It is also possible in cache detail click on cache code value, which will directly offer some other options.

PS: "S" added, thanks.


I have the same "problem" as Lars has. For me it would be great to just get the Cache name (maybe with GC-Code in brackets).

Myself does not use the share link, I use the long press on GC-Code. But I think it's the same background task.