German translation of the knowledge base?

Mandarax shared this question 6 years ago

Is there a way of participating in the translating of the english knowledge base topics into German? I'd like to help there. Or is the DokuWiki based knowledge base obsolete?

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My experience of 3 years with Locus:

Locus grows up so quickly and the manual never can follow.

And also, all translations. So it's waste of time.

btw. Same with all offline manuals projects.

as I wrote, that's what i see in the past...


I'm sure, it won't be situation now, where Michal is person who will take care of English and Czech part of manual!

Mandarax, thank you for a very kind offer! We are currently finishing some English parts. Then we will be definitely interested in German translation. We have also already a few offers from different people any because manual is quite huge, I'm sure, there will be some place for participating :).

Please give us May till we decide about next steps. Thanks!


The knowledge base translation into German was completed a few weeks ago, see We are in constant contact with a translator now and updates are translated in a quite short time after release of the original.

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