German translation for "Heading Line" misleading

Georg D shared this problem 6 years ago

The German translation "Bewegungsrichtung" for "Heading Line" is misleading and shall be corrected; the English translation is fine. The feature adds a line that points where the device points to (i.e. the compass direction of the mobile`s upper end in portrait mode) but not a line pointing where I move to (which the German description suggests; the direction of movement is shown by the small blue arrow usually located in the map center). See also screenshots

Suggestion for new translation: "Ausrichtungslinie - Zeigt von der aktuellen Position aus eine Linie wohin das Handy zeigt bzw. zielt."

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Seems the translations for course bearing line and heading line are just exchanged.


Danke Georg

Für Übersetzungsfehler bitte im folgenden Forumbereich schreiben.

Hat hier wenig Sinn...


Translation is fine in v2.20.2 :-)