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Mike Byington shared this idea 6 years ago
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Looking at the GPS screen, it looks like GPS update frequency is every 1 second. Also on map (primary) screen, it looks like location is updated every 1 second.

Map redraw is obviously very fast, as when you pan around vector maps the panning is very quick and pretty seamless, so map engine is not a concern for quick redraws.

I would like to suggest faster location update using interpolation, so that location is updated maybe every ~250ms (4x as fast as current) using a combination of GPS location, heading and speed and interpolating the data between updates. Most other mapping/navigation apps already do this (Google Maps the prime example), they display current location very smoothly and quickly, I assume by interpolating GPS location updates.

I use Locus Maps for navigation on my motorcycle, and sometimes 1 second updates make planning upcoming turns a little tricky if there are numerous roads to turn down and you are looking for one specific road. I think having faster location updates using interpolation would make navigation much easier to anticipate.

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Suggesting this again.

Now that GPS filtering is in place, a vector should be easy to calculate from past GPS samples, and faster redraw of map should not have as many errors in heading.

Map redraw when device compass is used is very fast, but when speed threshold is passed, map redraws revert to only 1 second intervals, i.e. slow redraw. I suggest that map refresh interval should be cut in half at least (500ms), and vector from GPS last few datapoints should be used as location/vector when redrawing map.

Let's make Locus look as smooth as modern GPS devices when moving at speed. This would be great for car/motorcycle/bike use.


If faster update of location resulted in significantly greater battery consumption I wouldn't be in favor of this suggestion. As a cyclist/ walker the current update rate is already fine for me.


This could easily be added as an option in the settings.

As I use this on my motorcycle and in car, I leave my phone plugged in all the time so have no worries about battery life. Let those of us who would like faster map refresh enable it in the options, while everyone else can have default 1s refresh interval.


I would like to bump this again. I think this is something that would be easy to implement, and something that can even be added to options. Having this option is nice in cars and motorcycles for when you might miss a turn.

By the way, I meant "extrapolation" in thread title.

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