GraphHopper - has anyone customized an existing vehicle?

Andrew Heard shared this question 6 years ago

I am aware that GraphHopper is not developed by Locus, but am asking other Locus users (not Locus devs) whether anyone has customized an "existing vehicle" as listed as a feature - scroll to the end of the GraphHopper community webpage? I ask this because I really want to switch from BRouter to GraphHopper (this topic is an example why) for creating cycling tracks but I am finding GH can make quite bad decisions on which road/ track to take. I am able to tweak the BRouter "fast bike" profile easily but can't find out how to tweak an equivalent GraphHopper "vehicle" - is it possible?

In this GH example below the online routing web page makes a poor decision to route via a walking track (between my red arrows) even though I have selected a bike, and the close-by orange Huon Road is quiet and very bike-friendly:


I'll try asking the GH devs too & report back here if I find anything out.

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Good day Andrew,

I think we may close this topic for now. GraphHopper allows to customize some routing preferences only over programming code, not over some XML/text files as I know. So I should be able (I do not know how, but I know it should work) to improve it directly in add-on only.

Because GraphHopper is still quite actively developed, I do not want to dig deeper into it's system and do something on my own.

For now, I'll be patiently waiting what future brings :). Anyway if someone has some better information to this topic, I'll gladly listen as well.


Yes please close Mention thanks. I much prefer BRouter with its ability for user level scripting.

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