Guidance via "Compass" command is no longer "sticky"

Viajero Perdido shared this problem 16 months ago
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Hi. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a "feature".

I've always initiated guidance to a waypoint by selecting the Compass command. That brings up the compass with distance etc. as usual, BUT now, if you leave the compass screen for any reason (eg hit Back), guidance is cancelled.

Before I got too upset (I was just starting a Locus-heavy trip), I discovered that using the Guide On command instead made the compass "sticky" as expected; that is, it wouldn't cancel guidance on a whim. It just meant I needed one extra tap to display the compass.

If this was an intentional change, please reconsider.

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Good day Viajero,

your observation is absolutely correct. It is based on this short message from @balloni55 .

I personally really think that display of compass should not force enabling of guide mode. In case, there already was some guide mode (to difference cache for example), compass changed it. If there was active navigation, you just had to stop navigation to display compass to any cache, which is really stupid behavior, isn't it?

Now it is possible to set navigation and if you are close to any cache, you may enable compass on a single cache without worry - navigation remains active.

Sorry this made you upset. I was thinking about it, but idea that someone start guide to point by "compass" missed me.

Maybe give it a while for some field testing of current behavior and let me later know if this is really a problem that slow down usage of Locus Map app or not. Thanks!


Hmm, different people expect it to work in different ways, I can see that now. And maybe if you do complicated navigations, the new behaviour makes more sense. I don't personally see the advantage, but it only costs me a single extra tap.

But if you select Compass in the context of a waypoint (popup menu), wouldn't it be reasonable to initiate guidance? If you want the compass without upsetting some other guidance, you can always select Compass without context, eg, the top panel button.

I was a bit upset because I thought I'd discovered a show-stopper bug at the beginning of a trip, and that I'd have to re-"Compass" at least a few times for each geocache. I'm always flipping back and forth, looking up hint, etc. But then I discovered the workaround, "Guide On", whew.

Anyway, people can vote if they agree with me. Cheers, VP


Understand, thanks for a feedback. I'll leave this "bug" open for a while. If anyone interested, +/- votes will be really useful to get wider idea about usage of this feature.