Help Desk GUI : Filtering Questions + Answered = empty set

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

It seems that some filter combinations on Help Desk GUI do not work, or I did not get the proper procedure...

If I choose filter Questions, jus questions are displayed, within them a lot of answered ones.

But, If I choose filter Questions + Answered, the result is empty.

Is there possibility there is mixed in GUI code Answered for questions versus Completed for the other types ?

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OOps, the best and fastest way to solve a problem is to report it. Then it often disappears before the developers can verify it. By the strangeness of Murphy's law, it works fine now. Maybe some curruption of the browser operations or so..



Good day Libor,

oki :). Anyway, please be aware that we are "just using" system created by 3rd party companies. In this case: , so usually only we may do, is a forward reported problems to their own support forum. Thanks for understanding.

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