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Help with Field Notes creating in Locus Map & add-on

JohnCNA shared this problem 4 years ago

I can't seem to access the field note add-on directly from the cache description page. It appears that the only way I can use the add-on is to select Log Visit - Store Offline. Then exit to the map screen where I have added the icon to access the add-on and apply a template and save or upload it.

Here's what I want to do:

From the cache page, select Log Visit, then any of the 3 options (Log, Upload Field Note, Store Offline) and have the editing and template options pop up from the add-on instead of the default log screen.

It appears that the only way I can use the Templates options in the add-on is to Save locally and then edit later using the add-on.

Or am I missing an option or menu somewhere?

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I agree with JohnCNA. To log my finds today, I used this method. First in Settings/Geocaching/Pre Fill Format added {c} @ {t}. In the field, stored my logs offline. At home used templates in the add on to add text to each log (Globally/Add text) giving details of my day. Then switch to Logs Manager and open each log in turn to add text specific to the cache, add photos, log trackables. Finally, upload them as logs, again using the Logs Manager. It works but it's a bit messy! I would suggest the add on needs to be integrated better into the Log Manager.


I feel that the FieldNotes addon project is dead. As far as the response is concerned. In three years I tried to contact the author here also via the email posted on googleplay. No Answer.

The add-on has potential even though Locus offers similar options.

I have been struggling for more than 3 years in the complex work with logs, photos, trakables and their mass processing.

My suggestions (in part) are being implemented in Locus Field Note Manager. (Geocaching Tools).

The summary of the discussion (link) and final voting request is here:


I'm looking to do it differently. Based on other apps I have used, what I want is to apply the templates immediately while logging the find or field note. I have a couple different templates; Found, DNF, Did not Attempt, etc. I apply the template, add a very brief description using speech to text, and then upload as a field note.

This way, I have no trouble at the end of the day remembering which cache had the cracked lid, which one was really hard, etc.

Saving offline and applying templates at a later time/date has value in adding a consistent global story as the previous poster mentioned. But I want access to the templates at the front end, using different templates depending on each individual cache, as I mark them as found, DNF, NM, etc.

So from the previous remarks it sounds like I can't do that yet. So call it a feature request. :D



I understand very well what you want (we all want it!)

It is necessary to fight for the proposal in the vote.

Very few people are involved in this forum for Geocaching.


This will soon go through heart transplant proposals in the fitness center :-DDD


Hi guys,

hard to say here something. Field notes add-on is creating (was created) by Ormoru, independent developer because of his interest in this topic and vision of moving of some functionality on another person (so more time for me on some other tasks).

Anyway agree that for some time, he is not working on it and as I know, he is quite busy last year(s) (family). Maybe he gives us here any explanation, Ormoru? or we may start thinking about moving of some core parts of this functionality to Locus Map itself.

If you will agree, let's wait during July, if there will be any response from Ormoru. If not, think about what you miss most directly in Locus Map, create an idea that other caches have to like, find some votes and I'll for sure do something with it ;).

Anyway generally, I'm marking this as "closed" (because it is not a problem at all, more a missing functionality), but feel free to continue in the discussion. Thanks!



I was wondering if there had been any feedback from Ormoru?


Unfortunately, as you may see here ...

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