How do you guys make any money?

Andrew Heard shared this question 4 years ago

I've really had my "moneys worth" from this amazing app. I do try and contribute with discussion and good bug reports in return. But really $A9 for the app (lifetime license on any # devices) and few little $'s for OSM maps. You really have to sell a lot of apps to support your ongoing development. Some apps have Google Play "donate" buttons. Have you considered this for extra income? Or splitting off significant new functionality into separate paid modules. The proposed 3D functionality may be a good candidate for additional payment. It could be a killer feature. I struggle with the gradient graphs trying to "optimize" & visualize a cycling route that won't needlessly go up steep hills, and 3D functionality could make that task far more reliable. I'd be more than happy to pay to support further development. Garmin maps, of which I've bought a few, cost me $100's each, and they are locked to a single GPS. 10 years ago an equivalent Windows PC GPS program would have cost $1000's.

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Good day Andrew,

interesting question and I'm not sure, if I should share our top secrets - well every company wants to make money for their products and our team is not too much different. Anyway question that make me smile, deserve answer.

And it is simple. Android devices are so widely spread all over the world, that income from sold Locus Pro versions, without huge problems cover average requirements of four people. No magic behind this. Locus is sold partially thanks to it's own glory, and I'm sure that big part on this has also support from many people in Locus community, like you, gynta, balloni, jusc, christian and many many more. Without them, we will probably have to sell Locus for higher price and more think about methods, how to get income to cover our expenses. That's all.

And method to have higher income ... well, to be true, if I should start with Locus now, I'll never sell it as one-time payment. Many people paid for it five years ago for half price and I'm sure, Locus deserve more for it's monthly updates. On second side, there are methods like our store, how to get some extra bucks.

Long story short, thanks for a post, hope I gave you some extra information. Fortunately we are all quite humble and hardworking ;) and income, even that we all know that it is required, are not our top priority. I hope that this opinion remains same for a long time!


I wish you guys all the luck in the world. You really deserve it. Great product, great support, great community .

When I was working (retired now for cycle touring) we wrote a specialized PC product (high price but high profit) that sold a few 100 copies (maybe less) world wide before we thought we'd saturated the market. Yes the Android market is an entirely different world.


Yes, it is quite different world. World where you are able to have tiny company that starts to do something around marketing after five years of existence (we just started this year little bit).

Anyway thanks and enjoy cycling!


I want to come back to this point as I really like the idea.

... "Or splitting off significant new functionality into separate paid

modules. The proposed 3D functionality may be a good candidate for

additional payment."...

Maybe this is a good point/timing for getting an new version up to Google Play Store. "Locus deserve more [then a one-time payment long time ago] for it's monthly updates!" So it is.

I myself (as many, many others) ride a MTB that cost a lot of euros. But thinking of riding my MTB without Locus helping me finding single-tracks would not be the same. Locus really makes a big difference in riding my bike.

So Menion, I think it is time - take some fresh euros from us. Maybe an annual fee for getting updates with new functions?

I think there are more people like Andrew and me out there in the wild that are willing to support your great work.

Best Greetings



I fully support this! You deserve a more ;)

So far, I once bought a map that I didn't really need, but thought "Well, it's also supporting the developers".

Question: When buying a map in the store, does the money actually end up on your plus side? Or is it just paying for the effort keeping them up to date? What about 3rd party maps, like SwissTopo - how much do I support you guys?


Thanks guys for your opinions. Nice reading on long evenings :). I'll be thinking about it, thanks! Best benefit from increased income should be in hiring another guy(s) on a stuff, we are not able to cover (because of time) in four people team as we are now. On second side, work in such small team is fine, without a stress and huge pressure :).

Anyway thanks once more, we will think about some drastical solutions how to squeeze all the money from users ;).

About income from Store. In case of swiss topo it is not so simple. Because of their high price, we set our income to as low as possible. Because it depend on amount of sell items, I just hope, we will not be in negative numbers :). For all others, it is usually sharing model where Google has it's 30% and rest is usually divided as 20-30% for us, rest for a provider. But it really depend on a deal.


Hello Locus,

Kindly advise if there is a way I can pay for the pro version without necessarily having to use play store. I would like to buy four licences at least.