How to import Google Fusion Table Network KML file

John Spartan shared this question 5 years ago

After downloading the Network KML file from a Google Fusion Table, importing the file in many ways (including using the data folder) the app states the file doesn't contain anything for the import.

My question is how can I utilize NETWORK KML files from a Google Fusion Table? Static KML files load just fine, it's only network files that have this problem.


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I do want to point out I have found a work-around, however the option isn't conducive to the total situation as it's all quite redundant work and not secure as the Google Maps Engine (GME) requires the map to be public. I have discovered that you can make the map "anyone with the link can view" to anyone with the link after downloading the file, but this might only be a cache...

Here is what I did to get this to kinda work:

  1. Export the Fusion Table Map as a Network KML
  2. Create a new map in GME (light or pro, I use pro)
  3. Import the Network KML as a layer (repeat for multiple KMLs)
  4. Make the map Public (this is an issue for me)
  5. Export the GME map as a Network KML
  6. Import the downloaded GME Network KML file into Locus


Hello John,

please check this manual - it will helps.

Anyway in Locus is currently no support fo GME. You may vote for this here