How to log on

Institut shared this question 2 years ago

Hi, I try to log

I introduce my name and my pass : they are said as wrong

It is not the same data I use to log to or help ?

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Dear user.

Thank you for your question.

Login on our Locus manual is for editing only. You, as a Locus user can read a manual without need to login.

However, our users are sometimes confused about it. So we will have to change a visibility of Login option for our users.

In case of other questions, please contact us.

Kind regards



Hello Hana, it seems to me logical that the login is only necessary for the people authorized to modify the guide. But I agree with you, to avoid any confusion, it would be useful to hide this function.

Tell me, is it possible to download a copy of the guide so that I can consult it offline? This can be useful when moving when there is no reception.

Thanks for your help


Hello, I am sorry, there is not possible to download Locus guide for offline reading.