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How to migrate maps and balance to new smartphone

Guenter Rieker shared this question 4 years ago

My smartphone is broken and I'd like to migrate my purchased maps and the remaining credit onto my new smartphone. Is there a procedure on how to do this?

Thanks, your help is appreciated

Regards Guenter

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As I had my maps and some auto backup on the SD card and needed to set some pathes to get Locus Map Pro going again.

Everything seems to work now, but I still get the following popup when I start the app, even though I changed the path for the root directory to the suggested one

Any suggestions?

Regards Guenter



there is a article that describe how to move on the new device:

To your second question - Locus shows this warning message because app found second Locus folder. But it seems that's empty. Please check if your maps work correctly and after that simply check "Nicht erneut nachfragen"

BR Petr

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