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How to move a big (over 4Gb) map file to external SDCard (FAT32)?!

Tibor Stadler shared this question 2 years ago


have you any idea, how to move a bigger than 4Gb sqlitedb file to external SD (FAT32)?

Is it possible to split, copy, and after that merge the original file? And if so then how?

Or can it be compressed and then unpacked?

Or should I use other formats instead of FAT32? But what could the Android system handle?

It took a few months to download the file with the 5000 limit per day. Especially since there were many days when more than 100-200 could not be downloaded anyway!!! (OpenTopoMap) Yes, if I had anticipated this, I'll download it in two installments and I would not have a problem with the 4.5Gb file now ... :(

Thank you:


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Hi Tibor,

no, it is not possible to store a file of more than 4 GB to a FAT32 SD card - the system supports max around 3.6 GB.

Use some Android-convenient system. Let Android system format the SD card (wipe it in your system settings > storage), then move the file here via some file manager (e.g. ES Explorer) and finally add the map to Locus as external (


Hi, Michal,

according to your advice, I saved 8.75 Gb data from the sd card, I formatted it with a Xiaomi phone. But even so, by the phone it's just 4GB copying from 4.5. The file system is "broad-based multi-level" (as my computer see it). I can not even copy anything from my computer. It drop out before the end of copying, and nothing is visible on the SD card.

Do you have any other ideas to retrieve the map in several smaller installments? Can not somehow split or compress the file?

And if that is the only way to get the file, can I download some more than 5000 units per day? Maybe download it somehow o my computer and copy it to the phone afterwards? (I had a lot of problems with it, only 100-200 units could be downloaded every day for weeks, so the original one-two-month download time runs indefinitely!)

Thank you, Best Regards



Hi Tibor,

honestly, I don't know where the problem is - most probably in the SD card - have you tested another one?

You may try zipping the file and unzipping it in your phone. Splitting is not possible.

The limit of 5000 tiles per day is given by the map provider in order to prevent their server from failure - we can't do anything about it.


Hi Tibor

FAT32 cannot handle files larger than 4GB

You should use exFAT format which remove this limit and is much more optimized for flash storage like SD cards or USB flash drive.

Changing format of the SD card will requires to wipe all content...

Best regards

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