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How to navigate multiple waypoint custom routes with gpx or kml files, motorcycle trips?

Charles Lambert shared this question 4 years ago

I have searched and searched and I cannot find a clear cut definitive instruction on this topic. How can we create custom routes with multiple waypoints on a desktop pc (such as BRouter, and when needed, on android device), and then load them into Locus to be guided with turn by turn navigation?

I am trying to decide which app makes the most sense to use for a trial as my first real offline navigation app. I purchased Locus Pro. I have OSMand, and GPS Essentials as well. Both have a bit more of a learning curve, but there is no straightforward motorcycle navigation app like this for Androids (until allegedly the end of 2020, when the Scenic app, created by an iPhone developer/avid motorcyclist, will have an Android version available).

Using a free/low cost-one-time-purchase app with many map sources available would be preferred, but this is going to take a long learning curve to master as it seems, from experiences so far as well as other motorcyclists' commentary.

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Planning it completely on an Android device, maybe a tablet, is not an option? I guess Brouter/Locus route planner and use of Via points may be what you need.

Locus is imo a bit clunky when it comes to embedded WPs.

Maybe Routeconverter software on PC may be helpful. It can create the routing and I think it is also helpful as for WPs. not sure, haven't used for a whille. It can make use of oam maps and themes just like Locus.


When planning ahead of time, it is nice to sit down at a computer and a real keyboard and plan out routes on the larger screen format, instead of holding the mobile device in one's hands for long periods. I would use both, as some routes I would plan before the trip at home, and other routes I may plan on the fly when traveling off of the pre-planned route.

I am new to this type of navigation software, although I have been looking into it for several years now, but have not done any actual trials of navigating custom routes. Previously it has all been lots of route point memorization for hours ahead of time well before the trip, Google street view photo viewing for familiarity, and pen and paper directions...

Can I just use BRouter on my desktop computer to select a route of 400+ miles with only 10 waypoints that will allow BRouter to calculate the intended route which I had in mind and display it on the BRouter map screen, and then save the KML or GPX file and upload onto my Android and into Locus?

And then select the track on the screen and click Navigation/Guidance? Or do I need to make a more elaborate map and specify when I need Locus to tell me to turn right, turn left, continue forward onto a different road when the road I am on takes a sharp turn, etc?

What is the difference in this scenario between using Navigation versus Guidance?

Being used for motorcycle trips, I am going to be seeking out the twistiest quality paved roadways through the hills and mountains. Navigate says: "Navigation... rendered according to the shape of the track," and Guidance says: "Guidance along the track with optional sound and screen alerts of direction changes."

If I am on a very extremely twisting winding curvy road, are either one of these options going to be telling me to turn left and turn right nonstop even though I am still following the same roadway for miles over mountains with dozens and dozens of curves and no intersections of other roads?

Thank you for your patience in getting me slightly beyond the noob stage.

-Charles Lambert


In the advanced settings, what does the "Frequency of Commands" control in terms of me navigating custom pre-planned routes on public roadways? The options are "None, Low, Medium, and High."

Is this intended more for hiking or mountain biking on trails, where you may or may not see a clearly marked trail, and the app will tell you directional changes to follow to stay on the intended track? Or does this pertain to driving directions and navigating changes of roads traveled onto the next road that the pre-planned route follows? Is one or the other better for navigating roadways, versus navigating trails?

I believe it was perhaps GPS Essentials which I could go in and add my own "Turn Right" "Turn Left" etc custom directions, however I do not find much info whatsoever on people using that route for public road navigation on motorcycles or automobiles, and had read some commentary that this was not necessarily what the app development was concerned with, and therefore is not the prime app to use for custom turn by turn navigation. The dashboard on that app is pretty incredible however, showing ETA, ground speed, altitude, and a myriad of other optional displays, even battery temperature and battery percentage or battery voltage. It had many appealing functions, but Locus is the one I keep coming back to. I need to input my own locations ahead of time for the app to prompt me during navigation or guidance to "Turn Right in 500ft" etc? Or does BRouter or Locus automatically insert those for me when choosing Navigation and/or Guidance?

Hopefully I will get some good firsthand experiences in with these soon. I need a handlebar mount to test it on my bicycles and dirtbike before embarking on a few 1,000 mile motorcycle road trips through the Appalachian/Alleghany Mountains in the Eastern USA.

Thank you again.



Didn't read everything, sorry, but do you know brouter-web? eg

It's a pleasure to use.

You export to gpx which you can import into Locus. And yes you tap the track in Locus and then "Navigation".

Using it for hiking. Not biking/motorcycle. I reckon you need bigger display of values. ie, you need to learn creating your own dashboard. A bit geeky stuff, but doable.


Is any different than I had used for the first track which I had made on my Linux desktop pc. The only major thing that I was not happy with was that the distances and topographical map elevation data were all in metric (Meters/Kilometers), and I could find no way to convert that to Feet/Miles. Obviously once loaded into my Locus or GPS Essentials apps, the app displays it in feet and miles.


Is a KML file just fine to use for these 1000 mile motorcycle trip segments, or should I be using GPX? I don't care about elevation data, time stamps, etc as I am not making tracks, I am following winding twisty curvy paved public roads on a pre-planned route.

My biggest question when making these custom route files to navigate, is do I need to make frequent waypoints at every turn (onto different roadways) that I intend to make, or can I select a bare minimum amount of waypoints necessary to get BRouter to route me along the roads which I have intended? And do I need to do anything else ahead of time to get it to tell me directions such as "Turn Right in 1000ft onto Chestnut Ridge Rd" etc?


Hi Charles,

BRouter web is a good choice for planning routes but the exported GPX doesn't contain street names so "Turn Right in 1000ft onto Chestnut Ridge Rd" is not possible. Another router with which Locus Map cooperates is GraphHopper - it runs online but contains street names when generating a route. If you need to plan your trip on a PC, you can use Locus there too, via an Android emulator (see tips here:

More about route planning in Locus:

More about navigation:

More about guidance:

best regards

Michal, Locus team

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