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How to recalculate during navigation

Ingo Rau shared this question 4 years ago

I'm probably overlooking something, but here's my problem:

I started a bike navigation, but wasn't happy with the calculated track (BRouter). So I tap the upper-left direction button, which opens the Navigation popup menu. I long press on "Recalculate" to get the menu with the profiles and choose another profile. I'm back in the Navigation dialog, the profile icon superimposed on Recalculate has changed, but nothing happened. Ok, I press recalculate again. Locus returns to map, but definitely nothing happens. To make sure it's not that the route didn't change, I tried car and walking profiles, which definitely would be different in the city.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

I know there was a lot of talk (and work) recently in the Route Planner, where recalculating now works like a charm. But for the quick point-to-point navigation, this should work, too

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I tested this and it doesn't look like it doesnt work...

1) I started navigation to a point with hiking profile:


2) I tapped navigation box, long tapped recalculation, selected biking profile, tapped recalculation again. Route has been recalculated for bike:



Hmmm, I tried it again on my everyday phone (an S9) - it worked as expected. Don't have my bike phone (an old S4) here now to try it again, they're both Android 8.1, but perhaps there's some other difference...

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