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How to use GCvotes functionality with opencaching?

Robin99 shared this question 7 years ago


I like GCvote functionality used in Locus - sorting especially. I use also and it would be nice to see small stars under icons of OC caches also. Is there any possibility to do that?

Maybe during importing GPX file there is any XML tag used to insert rating of cache recognizable by Locus?

Another variant is to implement by you a rating of OC geocaches using OKAPI:

see rating and rating_votes fields.


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Hello Robin99,

Locus Map currently does no communicate with any Opencaching web server. Already exists quite well voted idea here , but it was not yet considered/implemented.

So alternative should be to import these information over GPX file. Are "votes" already somehow included in GPX files produced by OKAPI?


Yes, I've mentioned about using OKAPI before. The information about cache vote is provided in GPX produced by OKAPI. In GPX file you can find tags presented bellow:


<ox:awesomeness>4</ox:awesomeness> <ox:difficulty>2</ox:difficulty>

<ox:size>3.8</ox:size> <ox:terrain>1.5</ox:terrain>


So the matter is to parse content of <ox:awesomeness> tag into Locus.

The values of awesomeness can be integer: 1,2,3,4 or 5 so it can be easily converted into stars.


Oki, thanks Robin, support for this parameter over GPX files implemented.


Thank you :)

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