How to use postgis data with locus?

Pat win shared this question 3 years ago

I got a huge database in postgis format that I want to use with locus. What is the proper way to go in order to get this to a format supported by locus?

My plan was to export what I need from the postgis DB and use in locus as offline maps so I don't have to download tiles for weeks on end whenever I'm going hiking.. (I don't want to lose topological data when converting)

I know a thing or two about databases, but I'm new to using digital maps so if my question is bad then please let me know.

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Good day Pat,

generally this is not best place where to ask. We are working on Locus Map application and not on converting GIS data between various formats. For this is a lot better web like this: .

Generally Locus Map support these formats: , SQLite maps are quite simple to create as it reflect common slippymaps system.

Good luck.


Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

I will reply here with a step by step guide if i figure it out, maybe it can be added to the FAQ later. :)