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Which site is the official one? They both seem original why do we need 2? is I take it the official one as the main website links to it. But the original question still stands, did someone have a falling out?

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Both ones are official, but each serves different purposes.In shortcut, is should be clear from the Menion's ( Locus author ) signature at the forum. The first line is for the Help(desk), the second line for the forum.

Menion likes it this way. Some other projects use Forums and the issue trackers, distributing user feedback between them, depending on their nature. Helpdesk serves similar purposes as the issue trackers.


Ideas, wishes, problems

Advanced topics, public discussion, sharing of knowledges, testing beta versions: you're here!


Hi guys,

correct answer, thanks Libor.

Reasons why is it make like this are mainly historical. This help desk is made for common user and is 2-3 years old. We try to keep it simple question : answer system.

Old forum remains active because it is better for more complicated discussions and also many users prefer if before this help desk.

Anyway if you have simple question, suggestion, problem ... write here as whole Locus team is active here and you will get answer within a day. On forum is response time from Locus Map team slower and usually only after all main problems here on helpdesk are solved (at least in my case).


Thanks guys :)