I see maps in the store from one device, but can't see from another with same account.

Konstantin Y shared this problem 3 years ago
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Hello! I see needed to me maps in the store from one device, but can't see from another with same account.

When I try to purchase LoMaps from one phone (Android 7.0, the latest version of Locus Maps Pro) I see in the folder Off-line_maps_downloading/Asia/Russia 84 maps. When I try to do it from another phones (Android 4.4.2 watchphone, the latest version of Locus Maps Pro & Android 2.3.6 Samsung Note) I see 6 maps only.

I can see my LoCoins, my purchase history on any phone, but I can't see the maps that I ready to buy second time, if it's needed.

The accounts are the same.

I bought 3 maps of this 84 from the first phone for 0 LoCoins a half year ago.

What to do?

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P.S. The lost maps appeared after updating Locus Pro on whatchphone. I'm not sure that the updating was the reason of maps appearance.

But can I do something with Locus 3.5.3 on Android 2.3.6?


I guess, as a workaround, you can copy the maps and their index files ( for searching ) to the target device manually from your other device.

One of convenient options, aside of USB phone - PC - phone2 transfer, or via slow bluetooth, is via ad hoc wifi connection through local wiifi network, e.g. if you are behind you wifi home router.

I am used to the Total Command application for such general copying, I moved many GBs from my old phone this way.




Dear Konstantin,

the latest version of LoMaps requires Locus in version 3.22.0 and higher. There is mechanism that should inform you that you need to update to the higher version. However you should always see all possible maps in Locus Store. I think that it was some temporary issue.

You can manually move the map as @Poutnik mentioned but I'm not sure what happen on the older version of Locus. I guess that Locus can display the map but other features (e.q. languages) may not work properly.


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