I wish there were more transport maps.

Ray W. shared this idea 8 years ago
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I often search in a city for public transports indications:

Bus lines & metro lines.

In Locus there are the OSM transport maps.

They are nice but I noted on my last trip they are not at all up to date.

Many many bus lines are not even indicated.

Then I did a check in other major cities.

Same thing.

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Good day Ray,

thank you for your feedback. In this case, it is more about: "are there any transport maps, that may be added to Locus"? Do you have any suggestion from your area?

We always strictly follow terms of use of maps in Locus, but in case of any interesting and useful maps, we may contact it's owner.


Good day Menion,

You're right.

Unfortunately, I don't know transport maps covering Italy and France.

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