IkiMap: Icky UI performance and spam.

atomic dryad shared this problem 8 years ago

When viewing results for ikimap searches, the list includes thumbnails that appear to be downscaled higher-resolution images, and appear to be uncached;

* scrolling slows down to unusable levels, as the thumbnails are loaded

* scrolling back does the same; thumbnails and/or data seems to be reloaded instead of cached.

This wouldn't be as bad as an issue, except most every search is filled with results by the AdministrativeBoundaries user; "Administrative area of ....", etc.

Ikimaps in general appears to have a few prolific users that submit automated results en masse, toponymsoftheworld is another, though it doesn't flood queries from locus like AdministrativeBoundaries. It would be nice to have a way to filter users, a comma/semicolon seperated list in config.cfg would work fine.

ikimaps in general is also filled with single-post insert_business_here commercial/advertising related maps, which cannot be filtered by this, however this does not make the service nearly unusable like AdministrativeBoundaries does.

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I perfectly understand mentioned problems and they have solutions as you suggested (some better image caching, filtering of users)

For me anyway, is major question future of ikiMap service.

I did this service around two years ago. Major reason was deprecation of Google MyMaps, so I was searching for any alternative. Unfortunately since this time

  1. I see zero progress in that site - no improvements, no changes, no interesting content
  2. I also see almost zero usage of this service in Locus.

Both above points, lead more to removing support for this service, then to improving it.

I'm not anyway saying I want to remove it for now. It was quite a lot work and with small changes, it should be useful feature. But without any progress on ikiMap.com site, I see no serious reason to work on Locus as it's client.

What you think? You use this service periodically?


Honestly, I don't feel the service itself is very useful, especially compared to alternatives. As, with spam and a slow menu, it's useless, however I thought some might actually use it, so I didn't go with my initial idea and post a suggestion named:

Please replace the icky ickimap service with something useful like geocommons


See my post on that service. Due to the company and userbase I don't think it will become a scanner ghost town, and figure the only service that would be -more- useful for locus users would be wililoc; however they don't have a public api.

TLDR; if ikimap is fixed I'd play with it on occasion (and wish it were geocommons:P). If it were to disappear I'd barely notice.



sorry for a late reply and thank you for a valuable feedback. From what you wrote is clear that even for someone who search for such (similar) feature, ikiMap isn't perfect. Because my time is now quite tight, I have to leave this problem for now, sorry.

I agree that there is missing a lot, some similar feature, but we currently do not have a free time for such complex task. Anyway if you keep using Locus, I'm sure you notice a time when we start work on any ;)


Good day,

almost by accident I found this unfinished topic. If we look on ikiMap web page, it's exactly same as it was three/four years before. So from my point of view, project is dead and ready to remove from Locus Map instead of making some improvements.

Thanks for understanding.

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