Improved measurement handling

twil69 shared this idea 18 months ago

I liked the introduction of the rough distance measurement and I also like the newly added magnifiers for more precise results.

They are a valuable addition to the distance rings.

Still adjusting the magnifiers is sort of cumbersome: you need to coordinate two fingers at once and watch out that you don't lift either finger too early or move the first finger while adjusting the second one.

It would be more ergonomic if you could initiate a measurement and then place the endpoints with one finger at a time. The measurement should "stay alive" until explicitly cancelled.

Already now the measurement result is dynamically updated while you are doing this with two fingers. But when you lift them no further adjustment is possible and you need to start over.

All the functionality is actually already there. The required change would "just" be to extend the lifetime of the 2-finger gesture to an explicit cancellation.

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May be better to use existing functionality "total distance counter"- than to make the "distance measurement" functionality more complicated?

Actually i use this measurement only as "fast"- it can't provide very accurate result even with magnifiers because it doesn't allow to use map zooming for each point unlike the "total distance counter"



absolutely agree. This function have to be fast at first. No improvements that make it slow and more complex, won't be realized, sorry.

Recommended method for more advanced "measuring" is using planning system as Dmitry ( thanks! ) mentioned.

Thank you for understanding.


Fair enough.

The overall motivation for this to be quick and "rough" would indeed not justify the proposed change.

And for more precise measurements the alternative of (ab)using the route-drawing capability for this is acceptable.

(Especially, as you typically cannot get from A to B as the crow flies. Drawing a route in "routing mode" is more precise then anyway).

I only wonder why the magnifiers have been added, when only a rough estimation is desired.

To me they are visually confusing and cumbersome to use in one go. I would like to be able to "configure them away", then.


Every user = different tastes. My goal is to find useful compromise.

Why were magnifiers added? Check and ask in this topic:


+1 for "configure them away" :)

And, as we started discuss "fast measurement" - why result with distance appears in couple seconds, but not immediately after two fingers tap?


For what it's worth: this topic mentions the "line to gps" as another quick measurement alternative for the case that you are interested in the distance of a point from your current location. Although it is not fully flexible it is sufficient for many occasions.

Only thing is that it is a permanent setting. And unlike e.g. distance rings it is not available for adding to the quick settings panel. Would love to see this along with "line in direction of movement" available there. In general, all settings with simple toggle behavior would be good candidates for inclusion into the quick settings panel.