"Include on route" action for point

develar shared this idea 6 years ago
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Please see attached screenshots.

1. Navigate to some destination.

2. Realise that suggested route is not optimal.

3. Click on desired point to force routing via to make route more optional.

4. No expected action to just "include on route".

I feel that Komoot is a more polished and provide more features in context instead of digging in a settings (I am aware of Route Planner). But Locus is a more feature rich (e.g. one of the reason why I use Locus instead of Komoot is ability to connect wahoo sensors (cadence and so on)).

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Do I understand correctly that Locus API doesn't allow me to add such action using add-on? I can implement required for me functionality but Locus Map source code is closed, so, it seems, add-on is the only way to not wait when wanted functionality will be implemented.


Add a quick point (PopUp point) to route is a great idea!

Yes ;-)

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