Include street address when sharing points.

Gene Imes shared this idea 9 years ago
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From time to time my daughter or wife will call from another city and ask If I know a good restaurant to eat where they are. Usually I do, so I share a point I have saved in Locus. However these points have for location Lat/Long coordinates. To my wife and daughter Lat/Long are incomprehensible. To send the stored street address would be ideal.

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I like it.

Also other info of a POI would be great (email/phone/url, or even attachment?!).


I would appreciate if the menu for selecting information about the POI can be enriched by all fields available in the POI. It would be great if the written information could have a automatic linebreak like:

Name: Brücke über Gäubahn

Koordinaten: N 48°45.523' E 09°07.565

Beschreibung: Hier fahren manchmal Dampfloks

Höhe: 407 m

Adresse: Tunnel Gäubahn, 70199 Stuttgart, Deutschland

erstellt: 25.09.201, 21:02

letzte Änderung: 25.09.201, 21:09



Telefon: +49 123456789


Because in point edit screen, the address consist of 5 fields, copying it is much more cumbersome than other fields like URL: You need to select, copy, switch app, paste, add line break, switch app and repeat 5 times :-(

Hence +1 for having whole address in "+" button of share menu. I'd also welcome if all user editable fields of edit point screen would appear here, see e.g. also but address is IMHO the most cumbersome.
Hence, additionally, it would be great to have "long tap" as interaction pattern for "copy to clipboard" on the address like we already know from coordinates – which is also 2 to 6 fields (depends on coordinate format) in edit mode, so cumbersome to copy manually.0c38582915f822a8e34c0ed903f1cc62

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