Independent configuration of navigation services for car/bike/foot

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this idea 8 years ago
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I miss the Locus option ( as OSMAnd user ) to configure navigation service usage independently for car/bike/foot navigations. I would like to configure Locus to use e.g. Mapquest for cars, but Brouter for biking/hiking.

Current online routing services are the only real option for cars, as Brouter car profiles are very experimental, not recommended by the autor for real navigation.

OTOH, for bike/hiking navigation the Brouter beats other navigations with hands in pockets, especially with advanced user routing profiles..

For curiosity:

Brouter standard profiles ( including my older Hiking-beta profile )

Collection of my "end user released profiles"

The collection legend

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Additionally, I miss the short/fast options for foot/hiking navigation. It would allow to use 2 different Brouter profiles for hiking as well as for biking. whatever shor/fast attributes are misleading, Brouter works with short/fast variants for car/bike/foot. It would allow to configure withing Brouter "normal hiking profiles" and "Fallback easy hiking profile", or different profiles from my hiking / mountain hiking / alpine hiking profile collection.


Separate navigation profiles for car / bike / hikers would make sense as well.

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