Join to share, selected "poi waypoints" and selected "tracks" into a single gpx output file.

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Gathering feedback

1. Locus database Points: Select 2 free (POI) Waypoints. By Locus: To share by gpx no problem.

2. Locus database Tracks: Select Navtrack with already integrated Navigation Waypoints and some Info_Priority_Points. By Locus: To share by gpx no problem.

3. Want to Join both, or (1 + 2 = 3) By Locus: To join and to share into a single (3) gpx output file is not possible.

Actually needs to export both 1 and 2, than use external program to join into a single gpx file 3.

Example files 1 2 3 in zip attachment.


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Hello Willy,

i also like this idea !

After a short search in existing "ideas" i found more than 50 likes for similar ideas of yours.

But since now menion didn´t want to implement this option.

One impractical solution for now is "Export map content" as kmz.



Possibly this idea can finally be de-rusted and be realized more optimally!

See forum:

In 2021 the example files as used in example could also look like = see attachment

(Edit was by gpx editor external program)


Hi guys,

I "don't want"? Where did you read it?

Isn't this idea same to this one: ?


hmm... I'd better say: It is more similar to this one. (gpx !)

But probably there was some misunderstanding of what was asked, so I now use expression Joining ! I hope by the example files that function is clear ? (1+2 = 3). Of coarse any selected track to join also can be a simple (no navigation)track.

When importing that resulting example trackfile nr 3 into Locus: Start Navigate and SET POI alert (75 m). Navigation system announces the integrated "Navigation_Waypoints" and "Info_Priority_Points", while all standard (non associated) POI Waypoints are announced by the POI alerter.

And I also want to point to this idea.

Or how (a future) Locus would be able to separate standard POI_Waypoints from (no extension) track Navigation_Waypoints .

Thank you for your attention.

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