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Viajero Perdido shared this idea 3 years ago
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When I'm walking to a cache, I like to see an arrow pointing to my target, based on my current movement. That is, corresponding to the compass settings, "Orientation via GPS" or "Auto-change. If I'm walking directly toward the target, the arrow points to the top of the unit.

Outdoors, in bright sunlight, without my glasses, my view of the screen is something like the attached screenshot. The arrow I've circled does exactly what I want, but it is very small and hard to see.

Could we possibly have a larger indicator? Double-height maybe?

The full-screen compass would be ideal for this (and it used to do this), but it ignores movement and only uses the magnetic compass. That's not useful for me, especially in the car. We've discussed this before, but you've said you don't consider it a bug.

Who else would find this useful?

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Good day Viajero,

understand your point here. Unfortunately, size of this icon most probably won't change in near future, sorry. I believe that size is enough not to cover too much space and on the second side, to be visible. Maybe darker colour may help here?

I'm thinking once more about older change with a compass screen you mention. It is maybe a year back since I've changed it right? As I look on it now, a little weird for me is, that compass screen (named "compass") does not reflect settings called "compass".

By this change, I wanted to get rid of some questions we received, that "Compass" does not rotate as expected. And have to say that it helped. Because compass now always rotate based on device sensor, we no longer receive these emails. But understand, it may complicate life in some situations.


Well, let's try it in next version with extra parameter gui_compass_use_compass_settings in config.cfg file, possible? If you change value to "1", Locus Map will use defined orientation in compass screen as well.


This makes me very happy. Thank you!

Garmin units like my dusty old 60CSx work this way, and I remember that it confused people there too. But I don't think Garmin listens to customers as well as you do, so it stayed that way for many years and probably many models.

Once people figure out how it works - that the arrow might point the wrong direction once you've stopped moving - they say now I understand and are happy ever after.


My congrats Lost traveler ;-)

btw The previous discussion was here:

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