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Locus Free Beta - Hill shading - Some areas in the sea are displayed ... faulty ?

Fifi shared this problem 8 years ago

Alloooo Houston ! We've got a problem ...

Hill shading - Locus PRO until last version (3.15.3) - Some areas in the sea appear like that :



Hill shading - Locus Free Beta - Last version ( - Same areas :



With the new version of hill shading in Locus Free Beta, the problem start to be a little bit annoying no ?



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Fifi, may you please report issues related to Beta versions on forum?

Every beta may have quite a lot of problems, and this is official support mainly for published versions. Thanks!

And this issue ... I'll check it.


Hi Menion,

Thank you, yes of course, i was looking for this link ... :)


Hmm are you using some own HGT files? With "S23E166.hgt" file downloaded directly over Locus, I have no such problems.


I have these HGT files from the very first time you've started the use of the SRTM. At his time, if i have a good memory, i had to download this files by my own. So, it is maybe a old HGT file or a corrupted one that need to be updated ... I try to download new ones directly over Locus and let you know.


Hmmm ... question : where i have to go know in Locus to download HGT files directly through Locus ? Tk u !


Tk u ! In the mean time, i've found this page.

For info :

1. Option "Tap onto the GET buton next to the altitude field" is not working because the HGT files are already there i imagine. So, no possibility to update.

2. Option "Buy (another time) the "Lomap" of the country on Locus Store" will it update the GHT files too ?

3. Option "Create a new Waypoint and choose the Advanced Tab" as shown in the old video still on youtube : the advanced Tab is no more there.

So i choose the option : "download files from" and let you know

And Menion ! It is the week end and late ! Please, stop working and go to bed ! ;-) :-)


All good Houston !

HGT files updated / replaced with HGT files downloaded from and it's working fine know.

You've solved my problem Houston ! Tk u !

PS : the Beta version display seems to be slower than the Locus Pro version

EDIT : and for information, before my HGT update, i discovered that on a faulty sea area, in a new created waypoint, the altitude was something around -32768 m ... So, some of my HGT files were corrupted or Locus helped me to discover the deepest ocean hole of the Earth !!! Personally, i really like the second possibility ... ! :-)


Sleeping, in midnight? Too soon :).

Glad you solved it, perfect! And slower, yep , by my measurements probably twice a slower. If you compare quality of shading on your screenshots, you may see significant difference. This is the reason. As well as this:

Possible speed improvements? Hard to say for now ...

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