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Jan Rabe shared this question 23 months ago

I successfully installed Locus application on my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. I wanted to upload a GPX track (40km). Device told me "TRACK TOO BIG". Do you have a solution?

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Hi, there is unfortunately limit of Connect IQ platform for size of imported track (in number of track points). Your track most likely exceed that, although I am surprised as 40km track is not that long and should not be problem to import it.

This error is however generated by Garmin firmware and I can't do anything withing the app related to it. Does other track imports fine?


Hi Jan, 

somehow strange! Didn't have problems with even longer tracks. Were can I check data size of track in your app?

Thank you for answering. I really appreciate someone is caring for potential problems! 

Kind regards, Jan

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Same problem here, can't really import any up to 10km routes. I formatted watch (fenix 6 sapphire) and phone (mate 20 pro) but nope. I try to attach the sample 20km gpx file I just tried and failed. Maybe the file is too big? Garmin connect transfers it quickly to watch without problems.


Hi, its about number of stored points in the track. Track which attached @Vempe86 has more than 9 thousands trackpoints along with other continuous data resulting file for export to Connect IQ app to > 200kB in size. Garmin Connect don't transfer this track to app, it throws error even before the track is started transmitting via Bluetooth. Garmin somewhere reports to have limits 10 000 points, but it may be also because of file-size. Don´t know any official limit there.

You can check number of points by clicking to the end of the track on Locus Map. The first number is counter of selected trackpoint.


@ Vempe86

To test. Find 2 x attachments.

(Trackpoints are inclusive timestamps and elevation)

Test File 1. Total trackpoints identical, but the extensions are removed.

Test File 2. Reduced the total trackpoints to about 1/10 and extentions removed.

Original: 2.35 MB (2,473,711 bytes)

File 1. 994 KB (1,018,444 bytes)

File 2. 89.3 KB (91,496 bytes)

Removed trackpoint extensions by gpx editor. (Export by Locus to gpx 1.0 should also do)

By google search: "simplify gpx track" I used the first result:

Reduced the total trackpoints by :

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