Locus on Wear - huawei watch 2

Kipcior shared this question 22 months ago

Does any of you were able to check how this add-on looks on huawei Watch 2 smartwatch? I'm very close to buy a smartwatch, and this add-on is a major factor for this decision however after many hours of reviewing the market only two watches left on my list:

LG Watch Sport - great specs, unfortunately officially not available in EU, also heard about the problems with LTE (different frequencies used) and poor battery life.

Huawei Watch 2 - this one seems nice, the only con seems to be the screen size which is only 1,2 inches.

I wonder then how the map is looking on this watch. Is it readable enough to use during hiking, cycling, etc? Any experience would be useful.

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the Huawei Watch 2 screen is a bit smaller but I think it is quite OK, definitely for hiking. For cycling the map might be a bit smaller but navigation should be readable enough, I guess it really depends on your subjective needs.

Maybe just try Huawei Watch 2 first if you are from Europe since you can probably easily return it within like 14 - 30 days if you don't like it? LG Watch Sport looks maybe a bit better, but I haven't seen it in person because I also couldn't get them in EU.

Here are two quick photos of Huawei Watch 2 with Locus add-on next to 5 inch (and pretty bulky) smartphone.