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Locus track editor, convert to navigation point: + add <PointType> Generic.

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Locus track editor. Function convert to navigation point. Add select point: Generic/Flag with editable <Name><Notes>. In Navigation functional as recalculate priority point with free <name> and TTS *announced.

* "en.tts": "pass_point_dist": "after %D2 %S",

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Add INFO Priority Point ? Better Idea expression ?

But what is it good for ?

Observations using Priority Points autorecalculate function in practice. (pse still double check my findings by more real drive tests). When deviating from a designed circuit, for some reason, autorecalculate navigates toward a first next unconsumed Priority Point. If autorerouting action leads toward the original circuit, navigate rejoins the orginal circuit by Navtrack design instructions.

A possible use case by INFO Priority Points used with function Autorecalculate to Priority Points !

Locus discussion forum:

[DE] Aber genau diese Funktion (einige Zwischenstops wie: Mittagspause, Kaffee, Aussichtspunkt ... ) für einen Rundkurs wäre sehr hilfreich. Und das Problem liegt hier tatsächlich im "Rundkurs", denn wenn einmal neu berechnet wird, landet man wieder daheim ... :o

Actual: Info Priority Points ONLY to be prepared by external programs !

Mapsource_JavawaRTWtool by tcx out. (By tcx <Name> limit = 10 characters)

Idea proposal: Be implemented using (gpx)Locus.

Navigate from start position.

Navigates toward first Priorty Point: By TTS <name>[Mittagspause] and Display txt by <desc>[Restaurant NODNOL "English food"]

Not very hungry, informed by the displayed message, jonny decides to skip this Priority Point and so part of the original designed circuit. Skipping a Priority Point is possible, when rejoining later the main track in the correct FORWARD direction, and navigated again by original track.

Instructions orders from original circuit, navigated toward the next Priority Point <name>[Kaffee]<desc>[Kaffee, Neuer Federweis und Zwiebelkuchen]

INFO(rmed) by Priority Points sounds promising not ?


Completed !

By 3.26.1 Route Planner. Create route with (free name) Via Point(s) -> Save route -> Save.

Select and edit selected Via Point(s). By name, pictogram (flag), description.

Select track -> export as tcx. Navigate by tcx : See <Notes>display in the Navigation top bar.


Good day Willy,

I'm glad to read that one more idea is completed. To be true, it is probably side effect of some modifications that was done during last months.

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