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LoMaps for Garmin devices

Hrabosh shared this idea 3 years ago

I've spent a week on Korsika (GR20) with Locus & Fenix 5+.

I was thinking about what I do really miss and how do I use my gear. I've easily downloaded LoMaps, but it was impossible to get any kind of topomap with elevation data for Garmin. Moreover searching for two maps for two devices took some time.

I got an idea: it should be possible to transform/export LoMaps (OSM) to Garmin map format. And then use the app to upload the LoMaps from phone to Garmin device. It's not necessary to do it via bluetooth or wifi, wired connection (OTG) would be sufficient.

I've also commented here:

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I'm sorry but I have to reject this idea. From my opinion it's better to use any service that generates Garmin maps from OSM data. Please see

But there is add-on Locus Map for Garmin that could be helpful. It's not possible to display map from Locus now, but such functionality is planned. I'll ask my colleague to post detailed info.



I know those maps. It often has terrific UI (do you remember good old times with TrekBuddy and generating atlases - now its back!). Those maps has poor area management. Willing to download map of Corsica? You have to download whole France (1,5GB). Cannot upload it due to lack of space? Simply delete Alps. Willing to download Pyrenees? You have to download whole Spain and France. Locus managed to get rid of big downloads five years ago.

Didn't manage to download the map at home? Sorry, no map in Garmin device.

I know the addon and that's exacly what I'm writing about. I've wrote authors about map displaying feature. One possibility is transferring lots of data during day. That would have impact on battery life. Other way is transferring vector data. Just once. Of course it is impossible to transform and transfer all map types that Locus provides. But LoMaps are unified for whole world, so it could be possible.


I can understand your situation but I can offer only mentioned add-on.

Thanks, Petr


No worry. I do decline many ideas as well. I just wanted to double check that we understood each other.

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