LoMaps reverse address look up weaknesses

John Campbell shared this problem 4 years ago
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I have found that LoMaps reverse address lookup (address pop up) has certain weaknesses with addresses in the UK, when compared to Google.

a) for villages or small localities, a nearby town is often given instead of the name of the village or locality

b) Google gives postcodes which LoMaps does not.

In the examples below from Northern Ireland (latest LoMaps) and England (older map), Google has the postcode and correct locality.

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Hi John,

thank you for the screenshots and the topic itself.

Regarding the postcodes - I'm sorry but I think that we can't improve because the data are missing in OSM data (Especially for the localities you mentioned).

But I think that we could improve the second issue (small localities vs nearby town). I'll focus on it maybe during May.

Thank you!


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