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Google maps in Locus

Answered dearpesar Locus Map (Android) Comments: 15 Reply 3 years ago by Taras D.
5 votes

Source for navigation: Google

Declined Nicolai Locus Map (Android) Comments: 10 Reply 2 years ago by Menion
1 vote

No email/password login to locus pro?

Not a Problem James P. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 16 Reply 11 months ago by Antonio M.
4 votes

Add Google Maps-photos to locus

Collecting votes balloni55 3 years ago Locus Map (Android) No Comments
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Locus Map Pro - validation without Google Play

Answered ksz16 Locus Map (Android) Comments: 11 Reply 3 months ago by Daniel
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Locus Map support for/by Fuchsia

Answered Andreas W. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 3 Reply 2 years ago by Menion
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"" link open with Locus

Completed don P. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by don P.
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LoMaps reverse address look up weaknesses

In Progress John C. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 1 Reply 19 months ago by Petr V.
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