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Manually set trackpoint while recording

Ingo Rau shared this idea 8 years ago

I often find myself recording a track and the accuracy is not high enough for my current recording profile, so either nothing is recorded or the recorded points are way off. However, on the map I know where I am exactly and I would like to mark that point.

Setting a waypoint (like in, although the idea creator uses trackpoint instead of waypoint) doesn't help as it also uses the last "accepted" position.

Wouldn't it be useful to be able to add a trackpoint on the current map center? Technically probably not a biggie...

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Hello Ingo,

after 10 months, there is not much positive votes and even two negatives and I personally also vote more against this task. I'm not 100% sure what to think about it. I believe that sometimes it may be useful, but I'm worried that in most of cases it will be only some intrusive option/button with little use.

Also in most cases, we talk about one, two trackpoints that are really badly placed and that may be fixed manually later with editing feature.

Thanks for understanding, idea declined.


Looking at it now I also have to agree that it's of limited use. Now I'd be more happy with the option to set a waypoint at some arbitrary position (not current GPS position), but that is discussed here:

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