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Meaning of two beeps then vibration when navigating

Bob Hawkins shared this question 5 years ago

I use navigation very rarely when walking. There were so many paths in my area today that it was a help to use this facility. I do not understand the meaning of two beeps then a vibration every less than a minute, or so, whether my 'phone was on or off. I should appreciate an explanation and whether there are choices in this matter so far as navigation is concerned.

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Good day Bob,

little bit complicated to say exact reason why you hear these notifications.

Locus Map allows to define various notifications for various actions over main settings. So please check following places:

  • menu > settings > Navigation > Out of route notification
  • menu > settings > Guidance > Set notification of the next directions change
  • menu > settings > Guidance > Out of route notification
  • menu > settings > GPS and location > Position acquired
  • menu > settings > GPS and location > Position lost

I'm sure that one of above settings will have defined these beep and vibrate notifications.



I thank you for your immediate and helpful reply. I must remind myself always to check Locus Map Settings before bothering the forum!



so did you found a source of these notifications? Expect yes, perfect.

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