Navigation: repeat last spoken turn instruction

Lutz P. shared this idea 7 years ago
Gathering feedback


it would be nice to have an easily accessible function to hear the last turn instruction again. Of course, it's of use only if it can be triggered easily. Maybe something like long press on volume up? Don't know if that's possible even while display is off.


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Oh, that would be handy all right. It's noisy in a convertible, my passengers are talking at the same time, the truck beside me is accelerating, and my hearing isn't what it used to be. What - what was that again?

Though of course, I could just turn on the display and look at the next-turn indicator. Or do as I do in the convertible: tuck the phone into the top of my shirt, speakers facing up (closer to the ears), with the seatbelt to keep it from sliding down. So there are workarounds...

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