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Navigation / Routing incorporating via locations

L. J. Smee shared this idea 7 years ago

The navigation function including the instant recalculation is great, but I would like to see a simple option to add via points between the start and destination of the route (travelling from A over B to C). A function as it is usually available in car navigation systems, for instance.

Please have a look at the attached screenshots, which I modified a little to resemble the idea. On the second picture you see an altered "navigation-status"-screen, which shows a function that would let you insert a via location in an already running navigation.

Hope you'll find this as useful as I do.


L. J.

P.S.: I am aware of the method of adding a via location by dragging the middle-point of the connection between start and end when creating a track. That is just not as convenient when you want to navigate to a location by searching or selecting the adress (point / POI) and feel the need to travel via a gas station or the like.

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it doesn't directly address your issue, but have a =brouter]look at the manual for a workaround I find useful with offline BRouter navigation/ route planning.


Since new Locus version (currently only Beta version, 3.10.0 is coming soon to Google Play), "via points" are available for "Navigate to" function.

Also all points added manually during "Add new route" are considered as "via points". So during recalculate, Locus will lead you to latest un-passed point.

Enjoy it.

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