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Navigation to Point on the Map starts Guidance

David Galloway shared this problem 7 years ago

I am trying to use Navigation from my current position to a point on the map, with voice support and turn by turn directions.

When I use Navigate To to do this, I get Guidance rather than Navigation.

If I save the route using Store Permanently, then end Guidance and select the route from My Tracks, I can get Navigation to give me turn by turn directions and voice support ok.

Is there some way that I can achieve this without having to first store the route?


PS just back from a 700 mile solo trip from Bilbao to the UK. Locus was my only navigation aid on the road and worked brilliantly!

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Good day David,

sorry to hear about such complications. I have to ask, which routing engine you use. Because this is known problem with latest BRouter engine. To fix it, it's needed to a) download new data for BRouter and b) update all routing profiles. Best how to do it, is to completely delete 'brouter' directory in your device and download routing data again. Profiles will be generated automatically, so there is no need to take care of it.

If we are not talking about BRouter, then please write me start and end point and also routing engine you use, so I should be able to simulate this problem on own device.

Thank you


Thanks Menion, solution works!


Hello David, glad to hear it!

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