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No internet connection in Geocaching

TJ S. shared this problem 9 years ago
Not a Problem

If I want to upload a fieldnote, it says, no internet connection. Then i want to log me in with geocaching live and the webside with allowing access is working and it says login ok but then again no connection.

Im using a Samsung Galaxy S2, "newest" firmware and on actual version.

I hope you can help me, i love locus so much :-)

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Hello Tjorben,

I'm sorry but I can't. I just return from small bike trip. Logged from Locus few caches and when I wanted another later, same problem happen. So it is not a problem in Locus, but some issue on Groundspeak site. If this problem will be there also tomorrow, I'll write them email.

Till then, I may only suggest what I did - log offline and upload logs manually later


Thank you alot for that fast answer :-) i did it too and they can wait some time. Have a nice day!


so seems to be OK now. As I wrote - some temporary issue on site

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