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Auto-recalculation also during "Guiding"

Evgeny Kurshev shared this idea 9 years ago

When I turn off "Compute instruction" in starting navigation, resulting route look like usual track (blue color, not purple as navigation track). And auto recalculation does not work.

I want ride my bike with auto-recalculation, but without big turn sign on screen and alot of little turn signs on altitude profile (custom dashboard map overlay).

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Hello Evgeny,

hmm if I understand correctly, you compute track without navigation orders and then you start "navigation" with "GUIDE ON" button. Right?

In this case, whole "Navigation" is not real navigation and it's just an method, how Locus 'guide' you along predefined track.

So generately, this is not an bug!

I'm not sure if this may even be useful. It's on discussion if allow something like "recalcualate" also during guiding, but I personally am against this idea, because guiding is useful mainly for tracks that do not have navigation orders (downloaded from any web or recorded by friend, etc.) and you want to follow this track in any way.

Anyway I'll check this "problem" to idea, so it's possible to vote for it.


I had a small discussion with team and we think that usage of such feature is really very low. Anyway we agree, that at least navigation track with computed orders, usually cover too much of map (point icons), so we will try to do something with it -

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